Acorn Award

When you are out and about in Oakdale, are there properties that cause a pause so you can take it all in? Maybe it's colorful flowers, maybe it's perfectly shaped greenery, maybe it's your own yard! Oakdale loves to recognize such properties by bestowing them with an Acorn Award --- and we need nominations!  

Nominate a Property

Nominate as many properties as you want - a business, a neighbor, even your own, by June 1. Make an Acorn Award Nomination

Winners in three categories: residential, commercial, and public are recognized by the Oakdale City Council each year. Winning properties display an Acorn Award sign for a few weeks. 

The Oakdale Garden Club reviews all nominations and selects a winning property in each category.

2020 Award Winners

The 2020 Acorn Award winners were recognized by City Council at their June 9th meeting. Winners are pictured below.

Residential Category

2020 Acorn Award Residential Category

Public Category

2020 Acorn Award Public Category