How to Install Your Mailbox

Minimum height of your mailbox, not including the post, needs to be at least 45 inches up from the gutter channel, as shown on image.

The front of your mailbox should not extend beyond the back edge of the curb, as shown on the image.

Newspaper delivery tubes need to be at least 40 inches up from the gutter channel.

Parking by Mailboxes

Between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Saturday, the area directly in front of any mailbox, and ten feet out from each side of the mailbox, needs to remain clear of vehicles to allow easy access to the mailbox by mail carriers.

Plow Damage to Mailbox

Properly installed mailboxes that are accidentally toppled by the blade of a snowplow will be replaced by City crews as soon as time and weather allow.  Please report damage by calling 651-730-2740.

Mailbox on post installed behind curb