Snow Removal and Plowing

Snow Removal and Plowing

The City is divided into defined plowing routes. Within each route, priorities have been established that take into consideration topography, traffic volumes, and usage. For instance, more heavily traveled roads and roads adjacent to schools are given priority. Plows first clear the center of the roadway; subsequent passes by the plow move the snow onto the boulevard / easement. In cul-de-sacs, snow is piled either into the middle or at a predetermined spot within the cul-de-sac. Snow stored in cul-de-sacs is removed as time allows. The City uses salt and other de-icers when there is hazardous ice or other slippery conditions; however, due to environmental concerns, use of these products is limited.

How Residents Can Help

In the case of a snow event, maintenance crews take care of clearing 100 miles of streets. To ensure an efficient and timely snow removal process, there are several things residents can do to help:

  • Follow the winter parking rules: No on-street parking is permitted from 12 AM to 5 AM, or anytime after two inches (2) of snow or more until streets have been plowed.
  • Be patient. Plowing the entire City takes time.
  • Be prepared for winter driving and possible delays due to the weather.
  • Keep children away from curbs and boulevards when snowplows are out.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear of snow. 
  • Don't push, shovel, blow, sweep, or plow snow onto a City street at any time.
  • When sharing the road with snowplows, give them room to work and don't pass a snowplow. 
  • Place your garbage and recycling containers behind the curb line on collection day.


To ensure mail delivery, please clear snow away from the front of your mailbox. Properly installed mailboxes accidentally toppled by the blade of a snow plow will be replaced by City crews as soon as time allows. If preferred, a new mailbox can be provided to the property owner to install.

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