Pets & Wildlife

Oakdale is home to abundant natural areas and wildlife. While wildlife adds to the beauty of an environment, wild animals in developed areas can present some issues. Following is some information on urban wildlife.

Oakdale has a presence of home range coyotes, and sightings do occur. Read more about urban coyote management.

Feeding Wildlife & Waterfowl
Backyard feeding of wildlife gives a feeling of intimacy with nature and helping animals survive, but it is not always best for the animal. That is why City ordinance prohibits the feeding of all wildlife such as deer, raccoons, turkey, coyotes, feral cats, fox, and skunks, and waterfowl such as geese, ducks, herons, egrets, and swans. The one exception is feeding birds with feeders provided feeders are a minimum of five feet above the ground or structure. Learn about reasons not to feed wildlife.

Every year, the City receives numerous complaints about Canadian Geese, particularly the goose droppings left behind on private property, in parks, or on walkways. Geese will return to the same area, year after year, in increasing numbers. Attracting the geese to your yard only creates community-wide problems necessitating in the reduction of the population. Resources for addressing geese:

When not in their own yards, dogs and cats need to be leashed or under other physical control. Also, dogs need to be leashed when in City parks, especially in the Oakdale Nature Preserve, and on all other parks and public land, with the exception of the Oakdale Bark Park.

Animals that are running free in the community are at risk of being impounded whether or not the pet is licensed. It’s important to remember that not everyone enjoys the company of pets - even some other pets. Please take care so that your pet(s) does not disturb others or their property.

Oakdale Bark Park
The off-leash park, located off 50th Street, between Helena Road and Heather Ridge Road, offers a fenced area, woods, pond, benches, parking lot, and a trail. No permit or fee is required to use the park. Read more about the Oakdale Bark Park.

Pet Licenses
Dogs and cats over six months old or residing in Oakdale for more than 30 days need to wear a city-issued license. Licenses are available from the Police Department, 1584 Hadley Avenue, during regular office hours: Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Please bring along a current certificate of rabies vaccination. The pet license process needs to be done in person. 

Pet owners need to remove and properly dispose of pet droppings from their yard on a regular basis. Also, when taking your pet off your property, have something with you to pick up and dispose of droppings, especially on trails and walkways. Most parks offer Mutt Mitt dispensers.

Wild or Exotic Animals
Interested in owning a wild or exotic animal? Please call the Police Department at 651-738-1025.