Welcome to Oakdale!

Thank you for becoming - or considering becoming - part of the Oakdale business community! We are confident that you will find Oakdale to be a terrific place for your business. City staff is “at the ready” to answer your questions; provide you with information on loans and financing, workforce resources, and sustainability; help schedule a ribbon cutting event; and more! Thank you, in advance, for touching base with the city and providing important information about your business.

The Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce is a vital community organization. Members work together to stimulate, support, and promote the growth of businesses in the area. To learn about becoming a member, visit the Oakdale Area Chamber of Commerce website.

New Business Notification

Although the city does not issue general business licenses, all new businesses are strongly encourage to call 651-730-2739 to provide contact details so that police and/or fire staff can contact you to learn about your alarms, key holders, whether flammable or hazardous materials are stored on site, and more.

Important Reasons to Contact Us

  • When a safety (fire, water damage) or criminal situation is suspected at your business after hours, police and fire need to quickly and easily gain entry. Without alarm and / or key holder information, their only course of action is to enter forcibly through a door or window.
  • A fire inspection is conducted at every Oakdale business on an annual basis and information about your business is obtained / updated at that time; however, as noted above, obtaining the contact information as soon as possible might make all the difference.
  • The police and fire departments can provide you with crime and fire prevention information and work with you on training opportunities on those topics for your staff.