Public Works RFP

Request for Proposals for Construction Manager at Risk

RFP for Construction Management Services at Risk
APPENDIX A – Proposed  Schedules
APPENDIX B – Concept Package
APPENDIX C – Additions and Deletions Report for AIA Document A133-2019
ADDENDUM 1   CM Proposed Schedule and CM Fee Proposal Form

Pre-Construction Timeline

Construction Manager selection is expected to track the following schedule but may be revised if necessary.

RFP Release DateMarch 10, 2023
RFP Questions Due in writing to Proposal ContactMarch 27, 2023
RFP Questions Answered (posted on City’s website)March 29, 2023
Deadline for RFP Proposal Submissions (delivered to City)April 3, 2023
Shortlist Candidates for Interviews (anticipated date)April 7, 2023
Interviews at Oakdale City Hall from 3 PM to 7 PMApril 12, 2023
Anticipated Agreement Approval (subject to City Council Approval)May 9, 2023

Proposal Contact Information

Prospective responders may direct inquiries/questions in writing only (no oral questions will be entertained) to:
Christina M. Volkers via email at
All questions are due no later than 4:00 PM on March 27, 2023. Responses to the questions will be posted on this page.

The contact person listed above is the only individual who can be contacted about the project before proposals are submitted. Responding firms are prohibited from communicating in any other manner about this project with any other City Council members or City employees. Other means of communications or contact may disqualify the submitting firm.

City of Oakdale
Attn: Christina M. Volkers, City Administrator
1584 Hadley Avenue North
Oakdale, MN 55128

RFP Q&A From Potential Construction Managers

Question:  On page 2 of the RFP under Services, it states “the overall fees and pricing are a factor for this project. However, this is not a lowest price bid or competition.” My question is, are you expecting us to provide a high-level estimate/budget based on the drawings that were issued with the RFP? If so, we would like to get going on this ASAP. If not, we are OK. Please confirm.
Answer:  We are not requesting an estimate for this RFP, but the successful Construction Manager will be expected to estimate as part of our normal course of business.
Question:  Under the section for Selection Criteria, item F. refers to General Conditions and Fee and that they will be 25% of the overall valuation. My question here is, are we to submit a General Conditions estimate? If so, will you be issuing a spreadsheet that includes the information that you are looking for? General Conditions are based on schedule. That being said, the RFP includes two (2) options for schedule. One with a start date of October 2023 the other states Frost Out of 2024 (April). Can you please clarify the preferred start date? If a General Conditions estimate/budget is required, clarifying which schedule/start date that is preferred, will help in compiling such estimate. 
Answer:  The City’s preferred schedule is the earlier start (October 2023) but for purposes of responding to this RFP, responses should be based on the more conservative schedule (Spring 2024 start). Regarding a spreadsheet to capture fees and general conditions, the City is interested in each responder's proposed schedule and we expect to post an addendum to the RFP regarding this by EOB Monday 3/20/2023.
Question:  Included in the documents is a deletions and revision copy of the AIA A133. Is there also a copy of the deletions/revisions for the A201 that will be shared?
Answer:  The City will be making deletions/revisions to the standard A201 document prior to the completion of the bid packet. Those revisions/deletions have not been completed at this time.
Question:  The A133 indicates contracts being reassigned to the CM. Does this mean the city will be drafting and reassigning the subcontracts or will the received bids be reassigned to the CM for the CM to draft and issue contracts? 
Answer:  The agreements that will be assigned to the construction manager will be the agreements in the bid packet/project manual and as awarded by the city council. The construction manager will not be entering into A401 contracts with the successful prime contractors.  
Question:  We are wondering if you would be able to share your 3D Model? 
Answer:  Because of small changes still being made, the 3D model will be made available to the successful CM party after contract negotiations.
Question:  Is there still a possibility of the project starting in 2023?  
Answer:  Contractors are to assume a Spring 2024 construction start.
Question:  How should we determine fee information?
Answer:  Construction durations provided are estimates based on concept design and we want proposing parties to provide us with a construction duration that they believe is correct based on their experience.
Question:  Item 3.4 in the RFP notes the timing of the brownfield clean up as a core challenge for the selected CM. Please provide an anticipated date of completion for general construction to commence.
Answer: Proposing parties are to assume that construction will commence at frost out 2024.  Brownfield cleanup is anticipated to be complete early 2024.
Question: Is there a Geotech report for the site available?
Answer: Yes. Please view the Geotech report.
Question: Item 2.3.1 in the RFP - BIM model is noted as a final close out deliverable. Are we to incorporate BIM ownership into this project or will HCM deliver a final model? 
Answer: HCM will deliver the final model.  Selected CM will have access to the model for use in clash detection, constructability, staging and planning.
Question: The RFP states we need to include section 3.3 Project Team in our submittal, but this portion is not listed in the proposal submittal order we were told to follow. Where would the City like this included? 
Answer: Please provide as appendix/supplemental information at the back of your proposal.
Question: Is there any further information you can share regarding the “brown field” nature of the site?  Any past land uses or particular concerns?
Answer: The site is a brownfield site, with contaminated soils.  The remediation of the soils will be conducted by 3M prior to the site being turned over to the City of Oakdale.
Question: Appendix C states that the CMAR will not be a constructor or perform any of the work. Please confirm if the CMAR is able to self-perform some of the work if we follow the subcontractor bid process as outlined in the A133? 
Answer: The selected CM will not be able to self-perform some of the work.
Question:  Paragraph 2.2.6 of the RFP and Paragraph 9.1 of the A133 Additions & Deletions report outline the requirements of the subcontractor procurement process. One of the Q&A questions listed on the project website regarding the assignment of such agreements appears to contrast what is stated in the RFP and the modified A133. Please confirm that subcontract agreements will be held by the Construction Manager under a true Construction Manager at Risk delivery method. 
Answer:  The agreements that will be assigned to the construction manager will be the agreements in the bid packet/project manual and as awarded by the city council. The construction manager will not be entering into A401 subcontracts with the successful prime contractors.