Ice Rinks & Warming Houses

Rink Update 1/21/2020

Ice rinks and warming houses are open!

Rink Schedule

Rinks are scheduled to open late December and close late February (weather permitting).
Warming House Regular Schedule Hours
Monday - Friday 4 - 8 PM
Saturday 12 - 8 PM
Sunday 12 - 7 PM
Winter Break & Holiday Schedule Hours
February 17 1 - 8 PM

Ice Rink Locations

Eastside Park Unsupervised Lighted Hockey Rink without Warming House 
Helmo Avenue

Northdale Park Supervised Hockey Rink with Warming House 
50th St. N. & Granada Ave. N.

Richard Walton Park Supervised Pleasure Rink with Warming House 
15th St. N. & Hadley Ave. N. 
(No Hockey Sticks/Pucks)
Complimentary hot chocolate and ice scooters available at the Walton Pleasure Rink. Learn skating basics!

CLOSED THIS SEASON: Richard Walton Park Supervised Hockey Rink with Warming House 
The Walton Park Hockey Rink will not be flooded for the 2019-2020 ice season due to the rink's poor condition. Please enjoy hockey at nearby Eastside Park Hockey Rink this season. Your feedback is valued in the planning process for the future of Oakdale’s ice rinks. Submit your feedback to have your comments taken into consideration. Thank you!