Willowbrooke Development

The Willowbrooke neighborhood is the outcome of a Small Area Plan completed by the City Council in September 2017 that creates a new neighborhood on approximately 208 acres north of the 4Front Office and Technology Campus (between I-694 and Ideal Avenue North along 40th Street North). The Small Area Plan is part of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (Appendix D).

Willowbrooke Neighborhood

Willowbrooke Neighborhood

Project Updates

The City Council approved development plans for the new residential neighborhood at their meeting on September 8, 2020. The neighborhood will have a mix of housing types and styles situated in an interconnected park and open space system. 

Work has begun this fall to prepare the site for the first phase of development. This work includes tree removal in areas where new homes, streets, and parks will be located. New trees will be planted on each home lot, along the boulevards of the streets, and in the parks and open spaces. The existing woodland on the western portion of the site will be largely preserved and eventually enhanced to remove invasive species and provide walking paths.

The first homes will be built in the area south of 40th Street North and just west of Ideal Avenue North. If you are interested in purchasing a new home in the Willowbrooke Neighborhood, please contact Lennar Homes at Lennarminnesota@Lennar.com or 952-373-0485.