Park Information

Boats on Tanners Lake

There is a boat launch at Tanners Park. Boat motors on Tanners Lake need to be operated at less than 10 horsepower.

Dog Park

Oakdale's off-leash dog park, Oakdale Bark Park, is located between Helena Road N and Heather Ridge Road N, just south of 50th Street N.

Keg Beer in Parks

Keg beer may be brought into the City's parks, with the exception of Tanners Park, but you must first obtain a Keg Beer Permit. There is no cost for this permit. Keg Beer Permit (PDF).

Memorials in Park

The City offers several options for persons wishing to place a memorial in a City park. For details, please call 651-730-2740.

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles are not allowed in any City park.

Park Hours

City parks open half hour before sunrise and close half hour after sunset. Exceptions: lighted tennis courts, lighted ballfields, and lighted skating rinks, and organized sporting events.


Leashed dogs and cats are allowed in the City's parks; however, not on the beach in Tanners Park. Unleashed dogs are allowed in the Oakdale Bark Park.

Pet Waste

Pet owners are responsible for immediately collecting any waste created by the animal and disposing of the waste in a trash receptacle. Mutt Mitt dispensers are available at most City parks.

Rent Facilities

Interested in renting a picnic shelter, ballfield, ice rink, tennis court, basketball court, or the bandshell?  Please contact the Recreation Department, 651-747-3860.