Buckthorn Management

Buckthorn is an invasive, non-native plant species that threatens Minnesota's natural resources. It spreads very quickly and out-competes native plants for nutrients, light and moisture. It can also degrade wildlife habitat, serve as a host for pests and contribute to erosion, among other things.

As a non-native plant, buckthorn interferes with natural ecosystems.

Residential Buckthorn Removal

The city encourages residents to remove buckthorn from their yards. By leaving it in your yard, particularly the female, berry-producing plants, there is a greater chance of it spreading through your neighborhood. 

Small seedlings can be removed by hand or by using a hoe. For larger shrubs up to 2.5" in diameter, a weed wrench is available for use through the city. Call 651-730-2740 to reserve. 


Residents may drop off their buckthorn for free at Oakdale Public Works, 1900 Hadley Avenue N. Hours: 7AM-3:30PM.

Annual Buckthorn Curbside Collection Program

Every fall the City of Oakdale offers a complimentary buckthorn curbside collection program for residents. To participate in the program, residents must remove and prepare the buckthorn as outlined in the following guidelines, and complete a curbside collection waiver.

2019 Collection Dates

Buckthorn curbside collection dates for 2019 are September 17, October 1, and October 15. The collection waiver must be submitted by the Friday before the scheduled collection date.

Citywide Buckthorn Curbside Pickup Guidelines

  • The pickup will be restricted to buckthorn only.
  • Piles should be no larger than 3.5’ high, 3.5’ wide, and up to 20’ in length
  • Please stack piles with the cut ends aligned and to the curb.
  • Piles must be accessible by a log loader truck and must be off of paved driveways.
  • City Forester has the right to inspect and reject piles that don’t comply with the guidelines.
  • Complete a collection waiver. Waivers must be filled out and received by the Friday before the scheduled collection date for pickup.