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Oakdale Photo Contest Submission Form

  1. Complete this form for each photo submission. All photos must be received by seasonal deadline for consideration. All submissions must check the box to allow the City of Oakdale to use the photos in print and digital publications and acknowledge the photo is property of the City upon submission. Photos submitted without selecting this box will not be considered. 

  2. You must live in Oakdale in order to submit a photo for consideration.

  3. Photo Season Period
  4. Photos must be taken in Oakdale within the last three years.

  5. Photo must be at least 1 MB in size with a resolution of 300 dpi; Additional photos must be submitted with a separate form.

  6. Photo Use Agreement*

    I agree to allow the City of Oakdale to use my photos in City print and digital publications and formats. All photo entries become the property of the City of Oakdale.

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  8. This field is not part of the form submission.