Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

Building Inspection and Code Enforcement is a division of the City of Oakdale Community Development department. Your first step in beginning any project - roof, deck, pool, fence, addition, etc. - is to contact the Inspections staff to see if a permit is needed. You will also receive valuable information on what is allowed and where it is allowed. The Inspection staff reviews construction plans, issues a variety of permits, and inspects all construction related to the issuance of structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permits. The division also oversees the housing code, rental housing licensing, and zoning/property regulations.

Call 811 Before Digging

If you plan to dig posts for fences or deck, do landscaping or gardening, or otherwise disturb or excavate the soil, you are required to call 811 at least 48 hours before you start to prevent damage to underground wires, pipes, etc., and, most importantly, for your personal safety. Failure to call could result in civil court action.


In order for the City and utility companies to have clear access to overhead and underground pipes, cables, etc., it is important that you not grade, fill, or alter easements. Landscaping, irrigation systems, play structures, or permanent structures, such as sheds or raised-bed gardens, should not be placed within an easement. The majority of the properties in Oakdale have one or more easements. The Inspections staff can provide you with information on the easements for your property.

Encroachment of Personal Property onto City Property

If your neighbor placed a picnic table or storage shed onto your property, did some landscaping, and added a fire ring, you would remind them about the property lines, right? If you abut City property or want to learn the location of your property lines, Inspections staff will be happy to help!