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1. What are the winter parking regulations?
2. What is the process for fixing a streetlight?
3. Does the city really give away trees every year?
4. I Live Near Water; What Do I Need to Know?
5. How Do I Borrow a Buckthorn Wrench from the City?
6. Does Public Works Accept Branches, Brush and Christmas Trees?
7. When May I Water my Lawn and Garden?
8. There's a Storm Drain Near My Home; What Do I Need to Know?
9. When Does the City Flush Out Hydrants?
10. Can Basketball Hoops or Hockey Nets be in the Street?
11. Where Can I Dispose of a Tire?
12. Can Vehicles Park by Mailboxes?
13. I Have an Irrigation System; What Do I Need to Know?
14. What Do I Need to Know About Running a Sump Pump?
15. Who Should I Call if the Sewer Backs Up?
16. Why does the city have load limits on certain streets?
17. What is the hardness of Oakdale's water?
18. How do I request a traffic sign?
19. How do I apply for a right-of-way permit?