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Temporary On-Street Parking Request

  1. The temporary on-street parking request is utilized for exceptions to: winter parking, event parking, temporary parking, oversized vehicles, and weight restrictions. Permits are typically issued for short term exceptions to local ordinance restrictions. Permits issued will have restrictions, and it is the vehicle owner's responsibility to ensure compliance with the permit and said restrictions.  

    Please complete and submit this form to the Oakdale Police department.

  2. Please complete this section for all permit requsets.
  3. Please complete the following information if the permit is for oversized vehicle or weight restriction exception..
  4. Trailer
  5. Tractor Trailer
  6. Note: Temporary On-Street Parking Permits do not apply to Minnesota State laws.  Vehicles must not cause a road hazard or safety issue.  Vehicle owners are responsible for following restrictions noted on issued permit.  

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