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Citizen Request Form

  1. Instructions
    Please take a moment to let us know about any issue in the City by checking the applicable box(es) below. Be sure to provide the location and brief description of the issue. You may also upload a photo of the issue. We appreciate you taking the time to notify us!
  2. Code Violation Issue
  3. Code Violation

    Please contact us with any concerns or complaints about a neighboring property. It is the city's policy is that the person making a code violation complaint needs to live within 200 feet of the property they are complaining about -- or be able to see it from their property. Also, all complaints need to include the email address of the person making the complaint. This information is not provided to the offending property owner, but is needed by city staff to respond back to you and explain the action the city is taking.

  4. General Issue
  5. Parks & Playgrounds
  6. Snow Removal
  7. Other
  8. If your concern is not listed above, or you have a general suggestion or comment, please tell us about it in the comment box. *If your concern requires immediate assistance or you wish to report suspicious or criminal activity please dial 911.

  9. Location of Issue
  10. If you have a photo that helps us more easily identify the issue, please upload it here.
  11. Contact Information
  12. This form requires the name and email address of the person submitting the form. This information will ONLY be used by City staff to follow up on a request. Information about an individual who submits a request remains anonymous when reports are followed up on with the property owner. 

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