Proposed Ordinances

The City of Oakdale is required to provide a 10-day notice of proposed new ordinances as well as proposed amendments to existing ordinances. Following adoption, ordinances become part of the city’s Code Book. View the Oakdale Code Book.

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Proposed Ordinances

Adopted Ordinances

Ordinance 891 - Relating to a Local Sales and Use Tax

Ordinance 890 - Amending the Tartan Crossing PUD

Ordinance 901 - Amendment - Chapter 7 Article II - Rental Housing Licensing

Ordinance 889 -  Amendment -  Chapter 10 - Liquor Control and Charitable Gambling, To Define and License Brew Pubs and Brewery Taprooms

Ordinance 900 -  Amendment - Chapter 25 - Zoning, To Include Brew Pubs, Brewery Taprooms, and Microdistilleries as Permitted Uses in Certain Zoning Districts

Ordinance 887 - Amendment - Article III of Chapter 9 - Regulation of Tobacco

Ordinance 888 - Amending the Willowbrooke Planned Unit Development - 5th Addition

Ordinance 885 - Chapter 9 - Therahdrocannabinol (THC) Products

Ordinance 886 - Amending the Oakdale Marketplace Planned Unit Development Agreement

Ordinance 882 - Amending the 3M/Imation Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement and Concept Plan

Chapter 25 Article 6 Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS)

Chapter 25 Article 11 EVCS

Chapter 25 Article 12 EVCS

Chapter 25 Article 13 EVCS

Chapter 25 Article 14 EVCS

Chapter 25 Article 15 EVCS

Chapter 25 Article 18 EVCS

Ordinance 872 - Amending the 3M/Imation Planned Unit Development (PUD) Agreement and Concept Plan