2020 Street improvements, Reconstruction & Overlay project

2020 Street Improvement Project

Construction has begun on this year’s street improvement project which covers the Granada Hill Neighborhood, Granada Avenue (from 15th St. to Upper 20th St.), 33rd St., and Oakpond Terrace and Tartan Heights Additions. The improvements include miscellaneous storm sewer/sanitary sewer/water main repairs and replacement, replacement of isolated sections of structurally damaged curb and gutter, repaving of the asphalt pavement section, and installation of uniform street lighting. It also includes replacing the top surface of pavement on Hadley Avenue from Hallmark Avenue to CSAH 14.

T.A. Schifsky & Sons, Inc. is the Contractor for this project. They have successfully completed many similar projects for the City. This work will be done in phases by area to help minimize disruption. All project work is scheduled to be complete by early September.

Project Areas

  • Area 1: Granada Hill Neighborhood south of Stillwater Blvd. (CSAH 6) and west of Granada Ave., Including Granada Ave. from 15th St. to Upper 20th St. (View Area 1 map
  • Area 2: 33rd St. south of CSAH 14 and west of Hadley Ave. (View Area 2 map)
  • Area 3: Oakpond Terrace and Tartan Heights Additions, south of 15th St. and east of Granada Ave. (View Area 3 map)
  • Area 4 & 5: Hadley Ave. from Hallmark Ave. to CSAH 14 (View Area 4 map & Area 5 map)

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Annual Oakdale Street Rehabilitation Program

In 1989, the City of Oakdale put a pavement management program into place to ensure the routine maintenance of our streets. This program rates all the streets in the community, block by block, and provides a basis to determine which streets will be selected to be improved each year.

Project Map