Former 3M Foundation property

The City Council authorized a planning process to explore future uses for the property north of the 4Front campus (north of County Road 14, east of I-694) and south of Olson Lake Estates. 

The area had been planned for a multi-use business and industrial park and is the largest undeveloped area in the City. 3M is no longer interested in developing a business park in this area and decided to sell the property.

Small Area Study

The 3M Small Area Study examined the approximately 200 acre property to determine the best future uses for the land. The City Council used the study to as the basis for a change in the land use from industrial to a new residential neighborhood. Through the study process, the City Council set the goals, vision, and development framework that will shape a new master plan for the property.

Project Updates

Following the completion of environmental review in June 2018, the City Council approved a change in the planned land use for the area from a business campus to a new residential neighborhood. The City is now reviewing development standards that will ensure that the vision for the area, as the City Council has defined it in the small area plan, is implemented. Next steps include submittal of a development plan by the current land owner that is in substantial conformance with the Small Area Study.

Community Input

The planning process for the new neighborhood is now complete.  Please contact City Planner Emily Shively by email or call her at 651-730-2720 with any questions.

Project Information

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