Liquor Sales License 

The City processes all liquor licenses for businesses in Oakdale. 

Application Requirements: New Licenses

The license term for On-Sale and Off-Sale licenses begin April 1 through March 31, annually.

Off-Sale License

On-Sale License

Liquor License Renewals

Current license holders must renew their existing license(s) in January of each year, if they wish to continue making sales during the next license term.

Additional Liquor Licenses

2 AM Closing License

The City does not issue the 2 AM Closing license; however, the City must grant permission for licensed businesses to close at 2 AM.

Temporary Liquor License

For organizations holding events in non-licensed premises. There is a limit of 12 temporary licenses per organization, per year. 

Licensing Process

Once completed applications have been received by City staff, background investigations will be conducted by the Oakdale Police Department, after which a report will be presented to the City Council for their consideration. The licensing process may take up to eight weeks. 

City Code

View City Code Chapter 10 Liquor (PDF)