Public Works Department

Oakdale Public Works is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the street, sewer and drainage infrastructure systems, as well as environmental issues and park maintenance in the City of Oakdale. 

The department oversees: 

  • 92 miles of streets
  • 161 miles of sanitary and storm sewers
  • 1,497 hydrants
  • 13 sewer pump stations
  • 8 wells
  • 4 water towers
  • 1,548 street lights
  • 766 acres of parks, public land, and facilities
  • tree inspection and maintenance
  • emergency response for disasters
  • assists with city events and programs

The goals of the department include:

  • making all streets passable within 10 hours after the start of snow plowing
  • filling all significant potholes within one week
  • mow grass at all parks on a weekly basis during the summer
  • cleaning and inspecting sewers on a three-year cycle
  • responding to sewer backups in less than one hour
  • and sweeping streets twice a year