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1. What is a nuisance tree?
2. What is a boundary tree?
3. Who owns a boundary tree?
4. How do I determine where the boundary line is?
5. What can I do if the roots or branches from my neighbor’s tree encroach into my yard?
6. What is self-help?
7. What are the consequences of trespassing to cut down my neighbor’s tree?
8. What can I do about leaves, twigs, sap, fruit, and other debris from my neighbor’s tree?
9. Who owns the fruit on the branches of my neighbor’s tree that hang into my yard?
10. Help! My neighbor cut down her tree ... and took the shade in my back yard with it. What recourse do I have?
11. What is the best way to resolve disputes about trees between neighbors?
12. Where should I go to seek legal help, if needed or if the neighborly approach doesn’t work?