What are the rules for backyard fires?
  • Recreational fires are allowed on residential property provided the flames do not exceed three inches in diameter or two inches in height.
  • Must be contained within a fire ring or device made of noncombustible material such as brick, stone, and metal.
  • Must be located at least 25 feet from all buildings or combustible materials such as wood, paper, and plastics.
  • Must be attended at all times until the fire burns out completely or is extinguished.
  • A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher, with a minimum 4-A rating, or a water source such as a garden hose shall be readily available at all times until the fire is extinguished.
  • Only wood may be burned.  Wood is defined as:  dry, clean twigs, branches, limbs, presto logs, charcoal, or untreated dimensional lumber.  The following cannot be burned: wood that is green, rotten, wet, with leaves or needles, oil soaked, or treated with paint, glue, or preservatives as well as treated lumber, construction debris, garbage, plastic, leaves, straw, yard waste, or other waste materials.
  • Must be immediately extinguished if they pose a fire safety hazard, if they are not in compliance with the above, or when directed to do so by a police officer, firefighter, fire warden, or department of natural resources officer.
  • If smoke from the fire causes discomfort or a negative impact to any neighboring property and a complaint lodged and verified by police or fire personnel, the fire will be immediately extinguished.  Washington County residents are reminded to call 911 for any matters relating to police or fire.

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