Acorn Award - Property Recognition

Each year, Oakdale's program recognizes properties that go "above and beyond", particularly in the area of landscaping efforts. Winning properties are selected by the Oakdale Garden Club, with the winner receiving a gift card from an area nursery and a visit from the Oakdale City Council. An Acorn Award sign is posted in the yard for a period of time.

Nominate as many properties as you want - a business, a neighbor, even your own! Nominations are accepted year-long, and winners are recognized in June each year (from nominations received by June 1 of that year). 

Nominate a property by completing the Acorn Award Nomination Form

2018 Award Winners

Residential Category

Kircher - 2018 Acorn Award residence

Business Category

TLC Vet - 2018 Acorn Award business

Other Category (multi-family)

Echo Ridge - 2018 Acorn Award multifamily

Other Category (public)

Oakfield Park - 2018 Acorn Award public