Deer are beautiful, wild animals, but deer in developed areas can spell trouble as they can

wreak havoc on gardens, landscaping plants, and trees and shrubs. As such, feeding deer is not permitted and can lead to having to reduce the population.

Feeding Wildlife and Water Fowl
Please remember that feeding wildlife and water fowl is not allowed.  Bird feeders are allowed but they need to be least five feet above the ground or structure. 

Every year, the City receives numerous complaints about Canadian Geese, particularly the goose droppings left behind on private property, in parks, or on walkways. Geese will return to the same area, year after year, in increasing numbers. Attracting the geese to your yard only creates community-wide problems necessitating in the reduction of the population. Please review the "Feeding Wildlife and Waterfowl" information provided above.

Have problems with geese?