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Water Leak

If your utility bill shows a significant increase in the amount of water used, an appliance or fixture leak may be the culprit.  The water meter in your home has a "leak indicator" that flashes for an intermittent leak or is on constant display for a continuous leak.

The indicator looks like a faucet icon and is displayed on the LCD screen of your meter.  The LCD screen is easily activated by a flashlight.  If the leak icon is displayed, you will need to track down the source of the leak (faucet, toilet, appliance, etc.) and fix any leak (s).

Complimentary toilet dye test kits are available at City Hall, 1584 Hadley Avenue.

Feel free to contact the Utility Billing Department with any questions/comments about a leak.

Wrenches and pipe

Temporary Discontinuation of Water Service

The City can temporarily discontinue your water service when you will not be occupying your residence for an extended period of time.  Having your water service shut off at the curb can prevent leaks, frozen pipes and save you money!

There is no charge to have your water turned off at the curb, however a $35 turn-on fee will be applied to your utility account following restoration of water service.

Prior to your return to Oakdale, you will need to contact the City to make an appointment to have your water turned back on.  The city will need to gain entry to your home, so please schedule the appointment at a time when someone is available at your home.

Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 651-730-2716 and they will help you with this or you may submit your request online.

Watering Ban

In effect year round, watering or sprinkling of lawns and/or gardens shall be permitted only on even numbered days for properties with even numbers and odd numbered days for properties with odd numbers.  A fine will be issued if in violation of the city code.

Water Conservation Tips (PDF)

Sprinkler running in yard