Billing Statement

Your residential utility bill will be mailed to you approximately one month before the due date.  We want to be sure you have plenty of time to ask questions, resolve any issues and submit payment in a timely manner.

You also have the option of electronic billing for your water / sewer utility bill.  If you choose to participate in this free service, you will receive an email each time your bill is ready for viewing.  You can also view past payments, see the status of a payment and print receipts for your records.

Explanation of Charges

Have you ever wondered what the charges on your bill are for?  Here is a breakdown of each charge along with it's definition.

Water Usage Charge - 

Calculated on a tiered rate system and based on the number of gallons used during a billing quarter.  These rates are subject ot change.

Water Service Charge -

A base charge is assessed for your city water connection service.

Sewer Usage Charge -

Calculated per 1,000 gallons and based on your water consumption during your winter billing quarter, remains the same for one year.  A minimum usage of 4,000 gallons per month is required.

Sewer Service Charge -

A base charge is assessed for your city sewer connection service.

Street Light Charge -

A maintenance charge for signal lights and street lights throughout the City of Oakdale.

Storm Sewer Charge -

A maintenance charge based on the average runoff from each property into the storm sewer system.

Late Charge -

Five percent of your open balance is added to your bill if payment is received after the designated due date.

MN Testing Fee -

An annual charge required by the State of Minnesota to pay for costs incurred by the state to implement federal regulations pertaining to the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Meter Reading

Your meter is read quarterly with an automated reading device.  Please review the Read Code on your bill to determine what type of reading your bill is based on.  If the attempt to pick up an automated read was successful, your bill will state either Actual or Radio Read.  If the attempt was unsuccessful due to interference or other reasons, your bill will state Estimated Read.  If you receive two consecutive estimated bills please contact us, an appointment may be necessary to resolve the reason.

Average Sewer Usage

Every winter during your billing quarter, you re-establish your annual average consumption used for sewer charges. This takes into consideration the water going into your sanitary sewer and not outside water use.  

Depending on your water usage during this quarter, you could see a change on your utility bill.