Liquor Sales License 

The City licenses all businesses wanting to sell alcohol in Oakdale. To apply for a license, please submit:

New Off-Sale License:

New On-Sale License:

Liquor License Renewal

2 AM Closing License 

Fees are based on the on-sale alcoholic beverage gross receipts for the previous 12 month period. Submit payment with application payable to "Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED)."

Temporary Liquor License 

For organizations holding events in non-licensed premises. There is a limit of 12 temporary licenses per organization, per year. Submit Temporary Liquor License Application (PDF) at least 60 days before the event.

Keg Beer in City Parks

Anyone wanting to bring keg beer into a City park must first apply, at least two weeks in advance, for a City-issued permit. There is no fee for this permit.

City Code

Chapter 10 Liquor (PDF)