Apartment Living

The Oakdale community is proud to offer a variety of quality housing options for families, individuals, and the local workforce. Use the map link below to learn about options for apartment living in Oakdale.

Interactive Map of Oakdale Apartment Complexes

Looking for an apartment in Oakdale? Use the City's interactive guide to find your next home


HousingLink provides information about affordable housing resources and information for renters, landlords, researchers and policy makers. Visit the Housing Link website to search for affordable apartments. 

Landlord and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office provides a helpful handbook regarding the rights of duties of landlords and tenants in Minnesota. View the Landlord and Tenants Rights Handbook (PDF)

Rental Housing Licensing

The City of Oakdale licenses all residential rental properties in order to ensure they are operated in an orderly manner that protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Visit the City's Rental Housing Licensing page

Tenant Advocacy and Legal Advice 

HOMELine is a tenant advocacy agency that provides free legal advice on tenant and landlord rights and responsibilities, including information on laws and legal options that are available. For more information call the HOMELine tenant hotline at 612-728-5767 or visit the HOMELine website.